5 Reasons that Yetis are Awesome and We Shouldn’t Kill Them

1) A yeti once saved my life when I was fighting the ferocious dragon atop the mountain. I was on the losing end, about to get burnt to a crisp, when out of fucking nowhere this yeti came and saved my life. Before I could thank him, he had wandered off into the night.

2) Just look at them, seriously!! Holy crap!!

3) In a fight with a bear, a yeti would win. Don’t deny it. Yetis are badass through and through, to the core, and they would kick the shit out of any bear and still have enough energy to harvest the bear fur for a coat.

4) Yetis are cooler than Bigfoot. They live high up in the mountains and could probably survive in the middle of an eruptive volcano. Bigfoot? Would whine like a pussy until he could go back to northern California and hang out with his friends.

5) The Yeti is versatile. Some have described seeing really big-ass ones that are over two meters tall and white, while others have seen yetis that look like a cross between a man and an ape.

If this hasn’t convinced you to save our snowy brothers, I don’t know what will! Here’s a website about yetis confirmed by the Yeti Conservation Bureau that all of it is true DON’T QUESTION ME.

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