Fun fun fun in the sun sun sun

The summer solstice is upon us! For the Yeti this likely means, since they are often drawn to northern places, that there is a shitload of sunlight. The noble Yeti is very enamored with sunlight and will generally lose his/her shit, and may become careless in situations that normally require caution. While enjoying your summer solstice revelries, keep an extra eye out for Yeti that may be:

1) Passed out in drunk euphoria in the woods somewhere

2) Streaking through town wearing only a party hat

3) Tweaked out on M&M’s or other forms of chocolate

The best thing to do in any of these scenarios is calmly, but unobtrusively, guide the Yeti away from any populated areas. Not because they are a danger to people, but because people may be a danger to them. The carelessness means Yeti might leave themselves open to robbery or similar shenanigans.

This summer solstice, don’t be an asshole and watch out for those in need. Sunlight can be nearly toxic to Yeti in large amounts, similar to alcohol or crack-cocaine in humans. Be safe!